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How to Connect and Use Hiro Wallet on Stackswap

A guide to the first step before using Stackswap for all your transactions

In order to use the Stackswap App on a desktop device, your browser must have the Hiro Wallet browser extension installed. Follow instructions to install your browser extension here.

After installing the browser extension, proceed to connecting a wallet on the Stackswap app by clicking the “Connect” button in the top right of the screen.

Read through the terms and disclaimer, and click “Continue with Hiro Wallet” to continue to the next steps.

The Hiro Wallet browser extension will pop up, and will ask you to select the wallet to proceed with if you have more than one wallet registered.

Confirming Transactions on Browser Extension

Each transaction that is called on Stackswap will require a final confirmation on the Hiro Wallet browser extension. You can think of this as a final check before the transaction goes out.

Make sure that all the details are correct before selecting “Confirm” to commit the transaction to the Stacks blockchain. Additionally, you make alter the amount of fees you would like to send to execute your transaction.

That’s it! Now you are ready to execute your trades and transactions on Stackswap App.

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