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Stackswap Farm
A guide to farming LP tokens and earning more rewards on a permissionless DEX
For instructions on connecting your Hiro Wallet account on the Stackswap App, see this article.
Any user with a Hiro Wallet account who has provided liquidity in Stackswap pools, and STX for transaction fees can pool tokens on the Stackswap App.
TVL stands for Total Value Locked, or the overall size of the pool denominated in USD. APR stands for Annual Percentage Rate, or the rate earned by an original investment.
All users who provide liquidity on Stackswap pools will receive LP (liquidity provision) tokens as a type of receipt that is used as proof that the user is providing liquidity in a pool and owns a certain percentage of the pool’s liquidity. See here for a guide to pooling your tokens on Stackswap.
These LP tokens can be further locked into Farms for additional rewards. Farms will lock LP tokens for a period of time, giving users rewards in exchange for locking for a round at a time. This is to help Stackswap provide more stable pool sizes and prices, allowing potential swappers to receive a more consistent pricing.
Select a Farm for which you have the corresponding LP tokens to. Here, we can see that the screen will display:
  • Staked: the total amount of LP tokens already locked in the farms
  • Claimable Reward: the total amount of $STSW rewards claimable
  • Current Round information: the current progress of the current round
We can look into further detail of the upcoming rounds by clicking on the section underneath the Current Round information.
Estimated projections for rounds and round rewards can be seen in this section.

Adding LP Tokens to a Farm

Select “Stake Tokens for Upcoming Round” to move onto setting the details of your farming period.
Select a number of rounds to lock LP tokens for (1 farming round is approximately 1 week long). The following details can be seen on this screen:
  • Start Round: the round number that you will be eligible for rewards from
  • Start Block Number: the block number on the Stacks blockchain that the farming period will start from
  • End Block Number: the block number on the Stacks blockchain that the farming period will be ending on
Once ready, click “Commit to Blockchain”. The Hiro Wallet pop-up will appear, and will allow you to check the final details before you confirm it.

Claiming Farming Rewards

Select “Claim Reward | Unstake LP” to move onto claiming farming rewards.
Select a round that has passed, that you are eligible for rewards from. Rounds from which rewards are available from will show a value in “Reward at Selected Round”.
Selecting “Submit Tx” will have the Hiro Wallet pop-up appear, and will allow you to check the final details before you confirm it.

Unstaking LP Tokens

Select “Claim Reward | Unstake LP” to unstake your LP tokens.
LP tokens may only be unstaked after the staking period has ended, and the LP tokens have been unlocked. See our litepaper for more details on Farming rounds and timing.
Select the round that the farming contract ended. If the LP tokens are unstakable for the selected round, the screen will show a value in “Unstakable LP at Selected Round”.
Note: In the case of overlapping farming contracts over the same rounds, there may be values shows in both “Unstakable LP at Selected Round” and “Reward at Selected Round” fields.