Who we are, what we do, and our goals

Who we are

Stackswap is a decentralized crypto-based exchange and marketplace for crypto investors (all skill levels), following the ideals of crypto and offering financial investment products for the DeFi (decentralized finance) space.

What we do

We issue and exchange tokens on the Bitcoin Network through the Stacks blockchain. We aim to create a next-generation DEX to support the future growth of DeFi projects in Bitcoin.

Who it's for

Stackswap was created for any user seeking an ecosystem to meet entrepreneurs with interesting ideas. Entrepreneurs can also come to Stackswap for a quick and code-free way to get their projects started, while having access to potential investors already on Stackswap's platform.

Stackswap ideals

Since the beginning, Stackswap was created based on the same underlying principles that DeFi and Bitcoin were originally created upon:

Trustless – Not needing to know or trust other parties inside of the system. Each user can function fully independently from others.

Permissionless – No permission is required from any other party to execute tasks. For example, listing a token or creating a pool between token pairs.

Decentralized – Control and decision-making are based on community, not one central entity.

Features on Stackswap

Below you will find our growing list of Stackswap tools and features (basic and advanced). As new ones are released, they will be added to the list below. Stay tuned for more to come!


Swap your tokens in pools with our automated market maker (AMM).


Pool your tokens to earn a percentage of total trading volume, as well as LP tokens.


Lock in your LP tokens for extra rewards paid in STSW.


Stake your STSW tokens for governance (vSTSW) tokens, as well as additional STSW rewards.

Token Launchpad

Create your project's own token, pool, and get it listed on Stackswap.

Group Farming

Create farms across different projects with tokens and NFTs to promote synergies among projects.


Create a vault to loan LBTC with STSW or STX as collateral.


Mint NFTs generated by our AI deep-learning machine.

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