Stackswap Docs

About Stackswap

Over a decade ago, three close Ph.D. lab mates leading research in Robotics and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) found quick success in creating successful Artificial Intelligence models. These Artificial Intelligence models transcended widely known methods such as machine learning and neural networks.
In addition to being avid crypto enthusiasts encountering many losses due to “early-day” crypto weaknesses and a widespread lack of trust in its innate infrastructure, we set out to create a better solution that would reduce risk while creating more value for common investors in crypto.
It’s from this place that Stackswap was born. Since then, it’s been a rewarding journey and a tremendous success, leading to the launch of our platform, and an increasing number of products.
It’s something we’re deeply passionate about, and we can’t wait to continue delivering significant value for our immediate users and beyond.

Our Values

Our overarching vision is to create an enriching environment where projects that create value have the opportunity to grow without interference.

We believe in the following ideals:

· Permissionless: Not needing anyone’s consent to perform an investing activity.
· Trustless: Each user can function fully independently, without relying on or trusting others.
· Decentralized: Not dictated by a central body’s actions on what can and can’t be done.
· Community-driven: We empower our community to help each other, while also listening to their feedback and make ongoing optimizations.

Our goals are to:

· Create a wide-ranging set of functionalities for user participation on the Bitcoin network.
· Have a simplified dashboard for users to quickly, safely, and successfully execute swaps, liquidity pooling, token launches, and more.
· Create token launchpads for projects in order for users to get a quick start.
· Create a trustless and permission-less governance-based system.
· Ensure support for the Bitcoin De-Fi ecosystem and any projects launching on Bitcoin, cultivating the overall growth of De-Fi on Bitcoin (and Stackswap).